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Attorney Michael E. Ripley and The Team

The San Diego Law Office of Attorney Michael E. Ripley provides legal services to Individuals and Small Businesses in the Southern California region, including San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties.  Our legal team can help those who are seeking legal redress in the following areas of Law;  Litigation in Business, Civil, Insurance and Real Estate matters, Loan Modification and Loss Mitigation Services, Personal Injury and Serious Accident Cases, Personal Injury Defense.

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Dedication to Our Clients

The management team at the Law Office of Michael E. Ripley has more than 50 years of total experience in Law, Real Estate and Loan Modification. They work hard to help people stay in their homes by working out agreements with loan companies.

Our Clients appreciate that we are Diligent, Resourceful and Keep Fighting for them.

We will not give up and neither should You!



  • Mike Ripley of The Law Office of Michael Ripley


    Mike Ripley

    Attorney at Law

  • Becky Ripley Hard at Work!


    Becky Ripley

    Office Administrator

  • Nelia


    Nelia Castro

    Loss Mitigation Manager

  • Cindy1


    Cindy Fipp

    Legal Assistant

  • Debbie Perger


    Debbie Perger

    Loss Mitigation Specialist

  • Catherine working hard for Michael Ripley Law


    Catherine Alipio

    Legal Assistant

  • [L to R] Michael Ripley, Becky Ripley, Cindy, Nelia Castro, Debbie Perger and Catherine Alipio.
  • Mike often tells his clients, "When you hire us, you can relax. As your lawyer, we will take on the stress and responsibilities of your case and work hard to get the results you want."
  • As Office Administrator, Becky juggles many responsibilities to keep the office running smoothly.
  • When working for her clients, Nelia will not take "No" as an answer!
  • Cindy has worked as a legal secretary for over 20 years. She joined our office as a part time assistant in 2014, working in both the litigation and loan modification departments. Her secretarial and organizational skills have greatly improved our office efficiency. She has become a valuable part of the team.
  • Debbie's cheerful disposition and efficient work ethic make her a very effective advocate for her clients!
  • Legal secretary, receptionist, loan modification processor...she does it all!

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