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If you require legal advice or representation in San Diego County, do not hesitate to call Law Office of Michael E. Ripley today.

Michael Ripley has extensive experience litigating cases involving business, real estate and contract disputes.  He is "AV" rated by Martindale-Hubbell, its highest rating, as to both legal ability and ethics.  Only the top 5 to 7% of the attorneys in the United States achieve this rating.

Coupled with the ability to litigate contract and business disputes, when necessary, Mr. Ripley also has experience working to accomplish a client's needs, sooner rather than later.  Often times it is not in the client's best interest to aggressively litigate a case.  Instead, it may be better for the client to work towards a resolution without a lawsuit.  Mr. Ripley is adept at strategizing with the client, pre-litigation, to determine the best or optimal course for the client.


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The Law Office of Michael E. Ripley has been centrally located in San Diego County, in Carmel Valley, for over 20 years.  Our litigation and courtroom experience has involved cases in downtown San Diego, Vista, El Cajon, and Chula Vista.  Examples of the type of contract and business dispute cases that have been handled by the law office include the following:

Christian S. v. W&N Brewery: Client is an artist, specializing in watercolor paintings and metal etchings.  His inventory of artwork was destroyed in a fire, caused by the defendant's negligence.  A lawsuit was filed, and a recovery was made on behalf of our client in the excess of $270,000.

John P. v. Said M.:  Our client bought a house in San Diego from the defendant, that had a cracked slab.  A lawsuit was filed on his behalf, based on breach of contract and fraud.  The case went to a jury trial and the jury awarded our client the sum of $400,000.  Once the attorneys' fees were added, the judgment, and what was collected, exceeded $500,000.

Jerome L. v. Randall F.:  Two brothers hired Mr. Ripley to sue a third brother, with regard to disputes over their parents' estate.  The matter was resolved at mediation, with our clients obtaining their full share of their inheritance.

Bonnie S. v. ING:  Our client's husband died in the course of engaging in autoerotic asphyxiation.  The life insurance company took the position that his death was intentional, rather than accidental, and would not pay the double indemnity amount otherwise available under the policy.  Mr. Ripley was able, through the course of research and early strategy, and without litigation, to obtain the full amount due for his client.

A.S. v. M.S.: Our client, a 16 year old, was the subject of improper sexual advances by her uncle.  Her case settled in pre-litigation mediation for $200,000.00.

Linda White v. San Diego Saturn Retailers: Our client was injured in a slip and fall while having her car serviced.  She suffered a fracture of the right elbow and a gash across her forehead.  Her medical bills total $12,000.00.  The case was settled with Travelers, the insurer for the auto dealership, soon after a lawsuit was filed, for $65,000.00.

Isella S. v. Marvin, Doe Medical Spa: Our client went to a spa in Hillcrest for a massage.  She was subjected to improper and offensive touching by the masseuse, as well as suggestive and sexual advances.  A lawsuit was filed on her behalf, against both the masseuse and the spa, including claims based on California Civil Code ยง1708.5.  The lawsuit settled at mediation, before trial, for $57,000.00.

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